dot_red_big  SaintShield X3 – Certified Foldable Shields
Special Features

dot_gray Ideal for vulnerable professions standard equipment
dot_gray A unique patented “foldable” shield with a combination of light weight, mobility and a non-provoking protection.
dot_gray It provides less space, while folded.
• In your vehicle
• Carried in a holster
• Carried on the arm (folded).
dot_gray 2 free hands available.
• Making it difficult to grab hold of
• Can be tilted if necessary

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SaintShield LX3

Translucent Polycarbonate
(NIJ standard I)

SaintShield LX3

Round. Translucent Polycarbonate
(NIJ standard I)

SaintShield DX3

(NIJ standard IIIA TT 7,62×25 MSC Flat)

SaintShield DX3+

(NIJ III plus AK 7,62×39 MSC Flat)

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