dot_green_big  P-TES – Personnel Tactical Extraction System

Rapid availability and easy to use in several different emergency situations. P-TES enable extraction within two minutes, which is essential for survival when hemorrhage occur.

Reduced risk for rescue personnel because P-TES shortens time at the casualty site and enable both high observation and the use of both hands to handle own weapon.

Significantly reduced risk when rescuing casualty who is conscious but unable to move, by throwing out the drag strap. The rescue personnel do not need to go out to the casualty site. By linking one or more P-TES the drag strap can be extended from 2,4 meters to 4,8 meters or more.


Rapid, easy to use and only one hand is needed at the casualty site.

The carabiner sticking out of the pocket, means both simplicity and speed (carabiner to carabiner).

P-TES can be placed / installed at any place on the equipment.

The loop is large, means low risk of being caught in own equipment and enables “high speed evacuation” and “rapid detachment”.


Enables rapid and easy evacuation of citizens and colleagues in different emergency situations.

P-TES can be placed / installed at any place on belt or equipment.

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