P-TES - Personal Tactical Extraction System

P-TES purpose is to save lives by enabling rapid and as safe as possible extraction of casualties from the danger zone to a safe location for medical treatment

Significantly reduces risk for the rescuers.

Shortens the time at the casualty site for both the casualty and the rescuers.

P-TES enables both hands free to handle firearms and maximizes situational awareness.

P-TES enables extraction from a safe location in low profile when the casualty is conscious but unable to move by themselves.

Ready for action in 10 seconds from folded in its pouch.

P-TES is modular and attachable to any place on personal tactical gear.

P-TES is small, light (approx. 160 grams/5.6 ounces) and strong (500 kg /1100 lbs).

P-TES is compatible with any stretcher and enables carrying by two or four persons. Allowing the personnel carrying both hands free to handle firearms, medical and/or communication equipment.

P-TES enables rapid clearing of heavy obstacles. By facilitating rapid lifts  and/or removals.

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Product Sheet P-TES