Special Features

  • Innovator Roro Yakoub worked until 2002 as a security guard, and ended up in situations where the equipment was not sufficient.
  • It is from these situations, and from colleagues in the military and police that are the foundation of the ideas to our products.
  • 2012 was Saintpro AB founded


Special Features

ICR – Integrity, Clarity and Respect

  • Honest and upright stand up for what we believe in and promise, regardless of situation.
  • Build trust, long-term relationships and deliver quality.
  • Well-read, knowledgeable with the product, service and inspire confidence.
  • Create an environment where we practice what we preach. Stand up for our principles and values​​.

ISE – Innovation, Strength and Energies

  • Willingness under development
  • Create new opportunities
  • See the possibilities, find solutions to problems.
  • Use your team’s strength and energies
  • Think outside the box in everything we do.

VISION ”Save one life every day”
”Made in Sweden”

Saintpro AB
Trotzgatan 54 · SE 791 72 Falun · Sweden 

Org. number: 556896-6161